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Sunday School

Sunday School happens on what day of the week?

Yes, at Holy Faith Catholic Church, children attend Sunday School on Sunday. Children from grades Kindergarten through 9th grade attend Sunday School. Sunday School is a place where children can learn more about God and Jesus and their church and their faith and their friends.   

Do children go to Sunday School every Sunday of the year?

No, at Holy Faith, children attend Sunday School from September through April, with a few Sundays off for holidays.

What time do children have to go to Sunday School?

Sunday School begins after the 9:30 am Mass. So, you first go to Mass, and then you come for Sunday School. If you go to Mass at a different time, you can still come to Sunday School around 10:30 am.


When does Sunday School end?

Sunday School ends at Noon.

What types of things do children do at Sunday School?

This depends on how old you are. Some children will sing songs, do crafts, draw pictures or make videos about Jesus. All children will pray and learn the stories of Jesus, and how to use God’s lessons about life in their daily life.

Will I have to take a test in Sunday School?

Maybe. This will depend on your teacher. But, no one ever fails Sunday School.

Why do people call Sunday School by the letters CCF?

CCF stands for: Children's Christian Formation. This means that in Sunday School children’s faith is formed to be a follower of Christ.



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